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Vice City Stories OPM Screens and Info!
Another preview has made its way - this time in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (UK). The screenshots can be seen below - with the first two being brand new. Be sure to read the details from the article after the jump. There's more info, but you can read about that in our previous news piece about the Australian Gamepro preview.

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The Phoenix and Stinger makes a return to Vice City.
Vic and Lance have grown up poor, and you start off in a trailer park - that's brand new to Vice City.
There's a whole new cast of characters.
Not only is the city bigger, it's more detailed.
Buildings look cleaner, signs are at a much higher resolution, and the palm trees look better.
Brand new pedestrians, and groups of the same type appear less together.
Missions are much more varied than previous GTA's.
Water effects have been improved, with a ''choppy-looking surface'' and weather affecting vehicle handling and swimming.
Helicopters control smoothly
Rockstar Leeds has been listening to YOUR thoughts on Liberty City Stories, like controlling issues, swimming and flying etc.
As you probably know, the biker gang makes a return to Vice City. But, according to this article Big Mitch Baker will be the leader again. So expect to see him in the game!
In one screenshot we see a silenced SMG.

Something I didn't notice before that can be and seen in some screenshots, is that Vic has a tattoo on his right arm. He is after all a US Marine, so chances are he has this from the beginning of the game. We'll have to wait for more info in the coming weeks to see if there's any word on vehicle or character customization.

Also, looking at the image to your right you'll see a glowing object. My guess is that it allows you to enter that ship seen behind Vic in this screenshot.

Below are scans of the article, that's been reduced down in size. The higher resolution screenshots - extracted from the original scans - can be seen over at the screenshots page.

Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Special thanks to Adds for sharing his issue
Posted by Adriaan on August 5th, 2006
Comment Left By: middlemaniac
Awesome!!! It's says the water looks more real, and gets super choppy when there are thunderstorms. Maybe there like hurricanes, cause it says quote "being at sea durning a thunderstorm say." What is that SAY at the end supposed to mean????
Comment Left By: big-g
Im proberly wrong but that glowing light place looks like malibu
Comment Left By: The Golden Fighter
I don't see the light. Here, I made a screenshot to show you:
Comment Left By: Adamaniac 791
QUOTE(big-g @ Aug 6 2006, 10:32 AM)

Im proberly wrong but that glowing light place looks like malibu

Actually yeah, I do think that looks like the Malibu club. mellow.gif

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