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Rockstar Games releases screenshots and artwork
During the Leipzig Games convention today, Rockstar Games released various assets for Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories. It included the PlayStation 2 Trailer and artwork for Liberty City Stories, eight Vice City Stories Screenshots, a few logos, and two very big artwork images. Two of the 8 screenshots were released previously, but six of them are unwatermarked versions of the ones released yesterday from CVG. Click the images below to view the screenshots:

The rather huge artwork images are very interesting. The first one, seen below, has a filename of GTA_VCS_ART_DIEGO.jpg. Now, there are one or two websites out there that's saying the character's full name is Diego Mendez, without giving a source. Well, the truth is that when Rockstar Games released it to magazines it was in fact named Diego Mendez. So there you have it.

I also uploaded the character images in their original resolution that they came with. You can view Diego by clicking here and Laura Shrub over here.

Below you can also see the Liberty City Stories artwork that Rockstar Games released. Click the images below to view them in full. There also came a few Liberty City Stories screenshots that were released earlier this year to several publications. But with the game out so long on PS2, and even longer on the PSP, I doubt anyone would be interested.
IPB Image IPB Image IPB Image
Posted by Adriaan on August 25th, 2006

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