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First Online Preview Emerge
During last week's Leipzig Games Convention, a few publications had the opportunity to see Vice City Stories being previewed to them. German gaming website, , recently published their preview of the game. New details are listed below:

The brother of Victor Vance - Lance - is a ''drug addicted wreck''.
The game will feature golf caddies, which further suggests that the Leaf Links golf course is not removed from Vice City Stories.
Explosions not only consist of a circle of fire, but also of hissing fire jets and individual parts flying around.
The developers promise a more intelligent targeting system, which avoids you from shooting at civilians during large enemy engagements.
There is said to be some ''innovations'' in the multiplayer mode. confirms that Ving Rhames will be voicing Victor Vance.
The version of the game that they saw showed pop-ups and fade-ins, but R* assured them this will be solved in the final version.

Thanks to LSD @ GTAReactor for the heads up.
Posted by Adriaan on August 30th, 2006
Comment Left By: middlemaniac
Whenen it says "inovations" in wifi, could that mean infrastructure????
Comment Left By: Baffle
Sounds excellent, yea infrastructure is a possibility
Comment Left By: whoelse
Man there better be infastructure mode!! That would be so cool. And also WPA encryption alowed. Most games i have tried only allow WEP. But the PSP since its firmware updates, it is ready for WPA games to use it. There just needs to be some. smile.gif
Comment Left By: Charger
VCS is coming out great, how it has better effects and the target system
Comment Left By: UseFireFox
It would be good if they could tie in the two games in wi-fi some how so that if you own the first game you can play against someone owning the other game, a bit like level sharing i guess.

Or maybe unlockable content.
Comment Left By: whoelse
I am really glad about the better aiming engine. It was so annoying when trying to shoot people like the police or gang members when it kept aiming at pedestrians. Also i like the news about the exploding. That really did need work on it. I hope it has been significantly

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