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Vice City Stories Delayed Globally
UPDATE 2: changed the release date of Vice City Stories in North America to October 30, delaying the game by two weeks. Thanks to bouncer2006 for pointing this out.

UPDATE 1: Several European retailers, including has updated their listings of Vice City Stories with a release date of November 3rd. Seems as though yet again another Grand Theft Auto gets delayed in Europe.

Shortly after R* spoiled us with the latest Vice City Stories update, disappointing news came in that the game is delayed in both Germany and the Netherlands. Take-Two Germany put out a release list of their upcoming games, listing the game to be released November 3rd - delaying it by two weeks. Also recently, the company's devision in the Netherlands posted news on their website stating that the game is also delayed until November 3rd in the country.

It is currently unknown whether this delay will be affected by all PAL regions, so we'll just have to wait and see. More disappointingly, Sony Computer Entertainment have announced today the delay of the PlayStation 3 in PAL regions. The new date is March 2007.

If you didn't see it already, be sure to scroll down to the next news article below to check out some of the gameplay videos of VCS extracted from the official website.
Posted by Adriaan on September 6th, 2006
Comment Left By: whoelse
God i hope it doesnt affect the UK!!
Comment Left By: Adamaniac 791
That sucks for people over there, I just hope and pray that it doesn't spill over to other PAL territories.
Comment Left By: Leopardchen
Earlier I thought I might buy just that German version because then I'd own it on launch day. Not anymore though. Not with this delay and naturally, the overzealous ever so typical censorship on videogames in Germany. German GTA games are censored - not dramatically so, but it's the thought that counts. I don't enjoy the thought of playing games that have been dumbed down for my safety.

All considered, I'm glad I pre-ordered the US game from dvdboxoffice tonight
Comment Left By: whoelse
I cant tell you how annoyed i am with the update!!!

Well and still have the previous date of Oct 20th
Comment Left By: Adriaan
Updated news post with news on the North American delay.
Comment Left By: whoelse
AHH this is getting so annoying!!
Comment Left By: ddemirarslan
I'm just gonna say 3 words and they are "What the F**k?"
Comment Left By: Dahobbit
f**k!!! damn it!!! i was really wanting to have it by the 17th before my trip. 2 weeks?! they better be adding infustructure cause im not accepting any other excuse.
Comment Left By: whoelse
There better be a pretty good reason for this!
Comment Left By: royal55
i really doubt there is going to be a delay for the us or maybe europe too i mean come on your seriously going to trust one site as a source i'll believe it once R* confirmes it.
Comment Left By: whoelse
I have visited loads of sites and theys still say the same old dates. Even the ones VCS recommends.
Comment Left By: Adamaniac 791
Oh man this sucks, why do we have to have a bigger delay than the US? Wasn't LCS delayed until November in the UK last year too? I bet it has something to do with Sony adding a mandatory firmware update to VCS. mad.gif

Just as I say "I hope this delay doesn't spill out" it bleeding does! I need to keep my mouth shut lol. laugh.gif
Comment Left By: whoelse
Yeah i live in the Uk too. Its got to do with the Take-Two problems.
Comment Left By: Dahobbit
well if it is dellayed everywhere, it should be on the vice city stories site under news. funny how amazon is the only site for americans to speak f this. i checked ebgames and nothing changed.
Comment Left By: Kuiosikle
Poor Diaz...
IPB Image
Comment Left By: mmmm
This game isint delayed in the US.....

Best Buy
Circuit City
Comp USA
Even RockStar's "Warehouse" says it's since coming on the 16th/17th.
Comment Left By: The Cuban Thug
Maybe some people got confused with the delay in Europe.
Comment Left By: Kuiosikle
He's basing it on listing the release as the 30th.
Comment Left By: Geju
I'm glad the game is delayed and that r* arent rushing to get it done, i remember when sa came out and they missed lots of features because they wanted to release it quickly.
Comment Left By: Adamaniac 791
What features were missed out from SA?
Comment Left By: Dahobbit
bad news everybody.... the delay in the us is offical. just looked at the ebgames website.
Comment Left By: The Cuban Thug
Comment Left By: Charger
This is going to be bullshit, and I think its not true R* site does not say anything about a delay. So Amazon did a mistake so Its not true until R* says it
Comment Left By: The Cuban Thug
Everywhere says. EB Games Gamstop Wikipedia.
Comment Left By: Charger
yeah your right, f**k after a vacation this crap of news comes out? VCS will come when I come back to school mad.gif. They better have a good reason like Online biggrin.gif then I will have no problem but im still kinda mad
Comment Left By: whoelse
Wow how much longer is it gonna take for more updates to the homepage to come in. Nothing seems to be happening GTA VCS wise.

It still has the old dates on and

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