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Grand Theft Auto IV Box Art, Video Coming Soon
At about 4am GMT today I got an e-mail from Jordan over at informing me about this news article he posted. Basically he talks about a box art and a short 30 second video of Grand Theft Auto IV coming soon. I've looked at the evidence myself, and while I can't tell you anything about it, I can safely say that he's right. It's official stuff!

We don't know when it'll come out, but we're both guessing during this week. Perhaps if other websites later today post about this, it'll be more assuring to you. But at least take Jordan's credibility - someone who's been running his fan site since 2002.
Posted by Adriaan on November 28th, 2007
Comment Left By: LimeMini
I believe that this must be the next and final trailer of Grand Theft Auto IV, perhaps? There has never been a Grand Theft Auto game which has shown direct gameplay elements, as they keep them under wraps until it is released. Although you could say that the two trailers we have already seen are technically gameplay, we have not seen the game with the third person perspective, or the heads up display, for example. Credit of this finding goes to 'Jordan'.
Comment Left By: ddemirarslan
Finally some gta4 info. Can't wait to see the box-art!
Comment Left By: LimeMini
Yes, quite surprisingly, the box art can actually tell a lot about the features which will be implemented into the game, as well as the vehicles and time setting.

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