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Come on over to the 'Hood
To my surprise, GTA Portable still pulled in a lot of visitors this week - even though we haven't had a portable GTA title for a long time now, and so far there's no official word on the next one. I want to inform you guys on something that I'm busy with now, of course apart from playing the game. Over at IGN they've launched a rather big fan site called GTA 'Hood, - the main aim of it right now is to offer you guys the best place to aid in playing the game. Whether it's finding a pigeon, armor, or even a step by step mission guide on an interactive map! It's really exciting and things are starting to shape up. Anyone can contribute!

For an introductory news post, click this link.

Visit: GTA 'Hood
Posted by Adriaan on April 30th, 2008
Comment Left By: Vini
It looks good Adriaan!
Comment Left By: Dudemanjosh
Damn Adriaan! I was just looking around on that map and you have submitted a bunch of things!
Comment Left By: snyder62
that map is pretty cool, it takes a good while for it to load with me though, it has some pretty good info on it too!
Comment Left By: XxOoZaYTeRcoOxX
nice, I'll check it out tongue.gif

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