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T2 CEO Answers Question on Portable GTA IV
In the major corporate world out there this might not be major news, but for us right now it's something to cling on... well it's all we have right now. During a conference call held yesterday by executives of Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two, which followed their financial report for the quarter ending April 30, 2008 (more on that here), a question was put forward by video games analyst Anthony Gikas of investment bank Piper Jaffray.

He asked if there's any potential possibility of us seeing a handheld vesion of GTA IV:

Anthony Gikas, Piper Jaffray
Okay, and then last question on GTA -- any update for us or announcement on a potential handheld version of GTA IV?

Benjamin Feder, Take-Two CEO
Nothing to announce today, sorry.

I know there's not much to it really, but we'll have to see as the year goes by if there's any announcement on a portable version of GTA IV - or another one for that matter. Obviously if it's based on GTA IV it'll have to be scaled down in various ways, but the city can very likely fit. Crazy speculation, I know... but that's what it has come down to. Come on Rockstar!

In ''real news'', the company announced that they had delayed the first episodic content for the game from their fourth quarter of this year (Aug - Oct), to the first quarter of their 2009 fiscal year (Nov '08 - Jan '09). They commented by saying that the reason is not due to development issues, but that they're delaying it for ''portfolio balances''. This proves once gain one of the cons of a developer being a subsidiary of a public holding company. Not to be misled by the fact that there could still be other downloadable content released before that date.
Posted by Adriaan on June 6th, 2008
Comment Left By: Vini
A portable version of GTA IV would be good, but it would be so inferior to IV. So I'd preffer if they made GTA San Andreas Stories.

Hopfully there'll be an announcement regarding a portable GTA by the end of the year, and GTAPortable will fully come back to life!
Comment Left By: XxOoZaYTeRcoOxX
GTA IV on PSP?...1 to 100


but the should really make Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Stories...or 3 separate games....Grand Theft Auto Los Santos Stories (including the docks, airport, Los Santos, and the forest/grassland/small towns up north of LS) Grand Theft Auto San Fierro Stories(including SF, the airport, and the grasslands and crop lands/small towns down of SF) and Grand Theft Auto Las Venturas Stories (including LS, and the desert with the Military base)

Comment Left By: jounin#5
That would be neat, a different store for each one, 3 discs, all 3 have online, maybe they could TRY to implement the Euphoria engine in some way. Hmmmm....Hopefully Rockstar will think about it lol.
Comment Left By: XxOoZaYTeRcoOxX
^lol, Euphoria engine would rock on the PSP, but sadly it can only rin on the PS3, 360, and PC as of now...=[...

but they should have like ragdoll physics, those are always fun too! biggrin.gif

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